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Intelligent data analysis and decision support system modeling for human lumbar spine with the help

This research was focused on data mining age related degenerative changes seen on human lumbar spine with the help of MRI scans and further designing intelligent system that can facilitate in medical decision making. This research was a part of an interdisciplinary project set up between University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire NHS-UK, Department of Computer Science and School of Engineering at University of Warwick, UK. In this project I used several intelligent system techniques including artificial neural networks, fuzzy logic, principal component analysis, factor analysis, self-organizing maps and support vector machines to find the patterns of the lumbar spine aging among different age groups. I further proposed an expert system for the automated classification (ranking) of human spines. The expert system is currently under rigorous testing on unexposed data. The expert system will help radiologists and orthopedics in overlooking certain areas of the MRI scans and facilitate them in clinical decision making.

Khan, A.A., Iliescu, D.D., Sneath, R.J., Hutchinson, C.E. and Shah, A.A., 2015. Principal component and factor analysis to study variations in the aging lumbar spine. IEEE journal of biomedical and health informatics, 19(2), pp.745-751. (Paper)

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