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My Research Highlights

My interests revolve around the dynamic field of health data science, computational analysis, and epidemiology. I am particularly interested in exploring the vast potential that arises at the intersection of these disciplines. Throughout my professional journey, I have been driven by the challenge of addressing the evolving needs of the health sector and leveraging advanced analytical techniques to meet those demands. In summary, my scientific interests encompass the following areas: 

  • Data-driven innovation in healthcare: With expertise in machine learning and a strong dedication to leveraging real-world data (RWD), I am committed to driving data-driven innovation in healthcare. My focus is on utilizing advanced analytical techniques to optimize healthcare delivery, improve patient outcomes, and advance population health. By harnessing the power of data science, I strive to revolutionize healthcare systems, enabling evidence-based decision-making, personalized interventions, and improved health outcomes for individuals and communities.


  • Utilizing real-world evidence in health research: Drawing upon my expertise in working with comprehensive health insurance claims databases and national registries, I am deeply committed to leveraging real-world evidence (RWE) to inform evidence-based healthcare practices. Through rigorous observational studies and quantitative analysis of large-scale healthcare datasets, I strive to uncover valuable clinical insights and generate robust evidence that supports informed decision-making in healthcare and medicine. By harnessing the power of RWD, I aim to bridge the gap between research and practice, contributing to the advancement of evidence-based healthcare strategies and improving patient outcomes.


  • Optimizing study design for observational research: With extensive experience in designing a wide range of observational studies, including cohort studies, case-control studies, cross-sectional studies, meta-analyses, and longitudinal studies, I possess the skills to employ rigorous methodologies that minimize potential biases and maximize the validity and reliability of findings. Through careful selection of appropriate study designs and implementation of robust data collection and analysis techniques, my goal is to generate high-quality evidence that informs clinical decision-making, identifies risk factors, assesses treatment effectiveness, and evaluates health interventions.


  • Integration of diverse datasets for comprehensive analysis: I am passionate about seamlessly integrating diverse and heterogeneous health data sources, such as demographics, EMR, clinical notes, environmental data, and molecular biomarkers. By combining these datasets, I strive to gain a deeper understanding of complex health issues and elucidate the interplay between various factors to gain insights into the biological mechanisms and etiology of diseases. 

  • Knowledge inference pipelines for contextual information retrieval: My interest lies in designing robust and efficient computational pipelines for knowledge inference, enabling models to effectively handle uncertainties and interdependencies within large-scale datasets. By leveraging advanced analytical and machine learning techniques, my goal is to extract rich contextual information from complex datasets, uncovering hidden patterns and relationships that enhance our understanding of various phenomena.


  • Exploring disease patterns and clinical implications: Through the development and validation of disease phenotypes using comprehensive coding systems, I have deepened our understanding of disease patterns and their clinical implications. I am interested in further exploring context-specific mappings of disease phenotypes and utilizing advanced analytical techniques to uncover novel clinical insights.


  • Data-driven predictive modeling and computational analysis: My research focuses on the application of data-driven predictive modeling and computational analysis techniques to diverse healthcare datasets. By leveraging EHR, scientific texts, and high-throughput experiments, I aim to develop models that provide valuable insights for healthcare decision-making and scientific discovery, ultimately improving patient outcomes and advancing the field of medicine.


  • Bioinformatics and molecular analysis: Building on my expertise in bioinformatics, I aim to apply advanced computational strategies and mathematical models to analyze the interplay between genes, environment, and gene-environment interactions within the realm of human diseases. I am keen on exploring the intricate mechanisms underlying complex diseases and deciphering the molecular basis of their pathogenesis.


  • Causal inference in observational research: Utilizing my expertise in advanced statistical techniques including propensity score matching, instrumental variable analysis, interrupted time series design, and structural equation modeling, I aim to identify causal relationships between exposures and outcomes in non-experimental settings. By applying rigorous causal inference methods, I aim to draw meaningful conclusions about the effectiveness of interventions, evaluate the impact of policy changes, and provide valuable insights for evidence-based decision-making. 


  • Pharmacoepidemiology and drug-based observational studies: Leveraging pharmacoepidemiological methods, I am dedicated to exploring drug repurposing opportunities, comparative drug efficacy, and identifying novel therapeutic interventions. I focus on conducting observational studies based on drug exposure to gain insights into drug effectiveness, safety profiles, and real-world outcomes. By leveraging RWD and inferring RWE from these studies, I strive to contribute to the development of personalized medicine approaches that optimize treatment strategies for specific patient populations, ultimately improving patient care and health outcomes.


  • Data-driven healthcare for underserved populations: Driven by a deep commitment to addressing healthcare disparities, I am passionate about harnessing the power of data-driven healthcare knowledge from developed countries to make a meaningful impact on the lives of marginalized populations in developing countries. Through the utilization of cutting-edge machine learning techniques and comprehensive analysis of large clinical datasets, I strive to develop innovative approaches that bridge the healthcare gap and advance global health initiatives, ensuring that the benefits of modern healthcare reach those who need it the most.


In my relentless pursuit of excellence, I am fully dedicated to advancing scientific knowledge and making substantial contributions to the field of medicine. I am driven by the goal of addressing critical challenges in public health and disease management through the application of data-driven innovative approaches that result in improved patient outcomes.

"Progress is made by trial and failure; the failures are generally a hundred times more numerous than the successes ; yet they are usually left unchronicled."
William Ramsay (1852-1916)
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